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106 2361 d 13 h mv_fox /website/ added css and php to accomodate a future NLS subpage  
103 2366 d 8 h mv_fox /website/ add a note about the project's svn  
102 2366 d 8 h mv_fox / first version of the NLS parser backend  
89 2374 d 14 h mv_fox /website/ added a note about what usenet is  
87 2375 d 14 h mv_fox /website/tech/ changed base to core, introduction to no-src repos and additional notes  
86 2375 d 14 h mv_fox /website/ published the "micro" version and added a note about floppy boot  
85 2375 d 15 h mv_fox /website/tech/ explaining the license CORE restrictions to avoid confusing svarog386 with a freeware thing  
84 2375 d 15 h mv_fox /website/ note about core being free/libre  
83 2375 d 16 h mv_fox /website/ small wording improvements to the website  
22 2466 d 11 h mv_fox /website/repos-nosrc/ added folder structure for 'nosrc' repos  
21 2466 d 12 h mv_fox /website/ optimized png pictures for size  
20 2466 d 13 h mv_fox /website/ fixed layout  
19 2466 d 17 h mv_fox / fixed listing generation  
18 2466 d 17 h mv_fox /website/ the main page presents both 'full' and 'no source' versions to be downloaded, also a test page is implemented for off-production tests  
17 2466 d 18 h mv_fox /website/ website is fetches properties of both full and nosrc ISOs (even though it presents only the full version for now)  
16 2466 d 18 h mv_fox / generating a second ISO image and set of repositories without sources  
15 2466 d 22 h mv_fox /website/ added a link to the online repos art on main page, and simplified a few urls in links  
14 2466 d 22 h mv_fox /website/ moved main page to a separate file  
13 2466 d 23 h mv_fox /website/ added tech art about online repos  
10 2466 d 23 h mv_fox /website/ website points to the latest available download instead of using a hardcoded filename  

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