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1804 45 d 2 h mateusz.viste /website/ enabled back note about rss in packages repo + categories are clickable in view=1  
1803 46 d 0 h mateusz.viste /website/ added view=1 parameter for extra info about packages  
1796 56 d 1 h mateusz.viste /website/ thread title restyled so it does not look so girly  
1795 56 d 4 h mateusz.viste /website/ fixed minor css issue  
1794 56 d 15 h mateusz.viste /website/ css improvement of forum items  
1793 56 d 23 h mateusz.viste /website/ links are more visible + background on mouse-over  
1792 57 d 0 h mateusz.viste /website/ background changed so the website is a little bit less depressing (I think)  
1791 57 d 0 h mateusz.viste /website/repo/ work around http processing of plus signs in GET arguments  
1789 57 d 11 h mateusz.viste /website/sved/ bumped copyr date  
1785 57 d 11 h mateusz.viste /website/svarlang/ bumped copyr date  
1766 60 d 4 h mateusz.viste /website/ minor fix  
1765 60 d 4 h mateusz.viste /website/ lots of rewording to make the main page more concise, more accurate, or simply better sounding  
1764 60 d 10 h mateusz.viste /website/ improved css  
1758 62 d 2 h mateusz.viste /website/ improved CSS styling  
1756 62 d 13 h mateusz.viste /website/ minor rewording improvements on the main page of the website  
1755 62 d 14 h mateusz.viste /website/ reworded the bleeding edge description to make it shorter, the new generation does not like reading too many words  
1754 62 d 14 h mateusz.viste /website/ better advertising of the latest UNSTABLE build  
1753 62 d 14 h mateusz.viste /website/ improved styling for mobile devices  
1748 64 d 1 h mateusz.viste /website/svarcom/ removed mention of SvarCOM being of "preview quality", it is production-ready now  
1718 71 d 3 h mateusz.viste /website/ TITLE tag of forum pages contains the title of the thread so web crawlers can index it better  

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