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814 466 d 11 h mateusz.viste /svarlang.lib/ path can be NULL or it can contain several paths separated by a semi colon + documentation improved  
813 466 d 11 h mateusz.viste /svarlang.lib/ avoid warning about library not existing yet  
639 475 d 9 h mateusz.viste /svarlang.lib/ escaped chars like in CATS strings like \r, \n or \t are converted to their actual byte values (osdn ticket #43788)  
623 479 d 11 h mateuszviste /svarlang.lib/ support for very long messages (longer than 256 bytes)  
622 479 d 11 h mateuszviste /svarlang.lib/ delete old versions of the libs before rebuilding them  
620 479 d 20 h mateuszviste /svarlang.lib/ added a note about licensing  
602 480 d 22 h mateuszviste /svarlang.lib/ do not forget to clean up lib files as well  
601 480 d 22 h mateuszviste /svarlang.lib/ output file is out.lng  
599 480 d 22 h mateuszviste /svarlang.lib/ svarlang is an actual library now  
598 481 d 0 h mateuszviste /svarlang.lib/ renamed doc file  
597 481 d 9 h mateuszviste /svarlang.lib/ svarlang - a C library for loading NLS strings in SvarDOS programs