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1125 378 d 13 h mateusz.viste /install/trunk/ INSTALL looks for all packages on each disk, so it works when packages are randomly distributed on floppies  
868 402 d 11 h mateusz.viste /install/trunk/ build version is written in postinst.bat and also output to the user once the installation ends  
624 416 d 12 h mateuszviste / INSTALL uses SvarLANG for translations now, instead of kitten  
619 416 d 22 h mateuszviste /install/ moved head files to trunk  
556 433 d 9 h mateuszviste /install/ improved user message about formatting drive (suggested by Robert Riebisch)  
280 775 d 18 h mateuszviste /install/ multi-step install process: first packages are copied to disk, and then installed from there after a reboot  
200 800 d 17 h mateuszviste /install/ multi-floppies installation support  
190 802 d 20 h mateuszviste /install/ replaced all occurrences of Svarog386 by SvarDOS + relicensed from BSD 2-clause to MIT  
127 2255 d 23 h mv_fox / replaced the installer's 'based on the FreeDOS kernel' by the more general and probably more accurate 'based on FreeDOS'  
126 2255 d 23 h mv_fox / replaced the installer's 'please remove disk from drive' to a more generic phrase  
125 2260 d 21 h mv_fox / few rewordings based on kind suggestions from Martin Stromberg  
79 2312 d 22 h mv_fox /install/ added a status bar  
72 2316 d 19 h mv_fox /install/nls/ improved pl translations and added a new string to the en template  
67 2317 d 14 h mv_fox /install/ keyboard layout selection  
56 2322 d 16 h mv_fox / word wrapping and refactored nls support  
49 2324 d 21 h mv_fox /install/ implemented centering on video_putstring() and added a few cosmetic fixes  
42 2325 d 17 h mv_fox /install/ NLS support and various fixes