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908 462 d 20 h mateusz.viste / install comes with its own int24h handler to avoid relying on command /f  
898 464 d 14 h mateusz.viste / replaced the naive mkdir test for unformatted drives by a nice int 0x21/6c call with int24 inhibition... which does not work anyway because the DOS-C kernel does not support it.  
890 464 d 18 h bttr /install/trunk/nls/ updated/fixed German translation for install (2)  
888 464 d 18 h bttr /install/trunk/nls/ updated/fixed German translation for install  
870 465 d 9 h mateusz.viste /install/tags/20220218/ frozen ver 20220218 to tags  
868 465 d 9 h mateusz.viste /install/trunk/ build version is written in postinst.bat and also output to the user once the installation ends  
865 465 d 11 h mateusz.viste /install/trunk/ hitting esc on the ready-to-install screen leads to keyboard layout if there is more than one layout possible for the language (requested by Robert Riebisch via  
821 466 d 10 h mateusz.viste /install/tags/20220217/ frozen ver 20220217 in tags  
817 466 d 10 h mateusz.viste /install/trunk/ NLSPATH is set with a fallback lookup to current directory  
701 469 d 9 h mateusz.viste /install/tags/20220214/ frozen ver 20220214 to tags  
700 469 d 9 h mateusz.viste / install system uses svp packages instead of zip  
641 475 d 8 h mateusz.viste /install/tags/20220208/ frozen ver 20220208 to tags  
640 475 d 8 h mateusz.viste /install/trunk/ new deflang following svarlang fix regarding resolving escaped values in nls strings  
626 479 d 10 h mateuszviste /install/tags/20220204/ frozen ver 20220204 to tags  
625 479 d 10 h mateuszviste /install/trunk/ fixed path to REMed COUNTRY.SYS + writing the actual codepage there  
624 479 d 10 h mateuszviste / INSTALL uses SvarLANG for translations now, instead of kitten  
619 479 d 20 h mateuszviste /install/ moved head files to trunk  
567 490 d 19 h mateuszviste /install/nls/ improved DE translations (contributed by Robert Riebisch)  
556 496 d 8 h mateuszviste /install/ improved user message about formatting drive (suggested by Robert Riebisch)  
555 496 d 8 h mateuszviste /install/ menu 3.0 is positioned 2 lines below the error message to accomodate for the variable height of the error message in different languages (reported by Robert Riebisch)  

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