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1126 318 d 21 h mateusz.viste /files/floppy/ upgraded INSTALL  
1124 319 d 8 h mateusz.viste /files/floppy/ updated INSTALL.COM to 20220314  
1106 320 d 7 h mateusz.viste /files/floppy/ updated to latest SvarCOM-compatible version  
908 340 d 6 h mateusz.viste / install comes with its own int24h handler to avoid relying on command /f  
898 342 d 0 h mateusz.viste / replaced the naive mkdir test for unformatted drives by a nice int 0x21/6c call with int24 inhibition... which does not work anyway because the DOS-C kernel does not support it.  
889 342 d 4 h mateusz.viste /files/floppy/ added the int 24h inhibitor back, this is required for seamless detection of unformated drives (see complaint at  
871 342 d 20 h mateusz.viste /files/floppy/ updated install to 20220218  
867 342 d 21 h mateusz.viste / autoexec.bat of the install floppy is generated by the build script so it contains the build version in it  
861 343 d 1 h mateusz.viste /files/floppy/ simplified boot files + loading display only if the file exists (it will not be present on EN-only 360K install sets)  
822 343 d 20 h mateusz.viste /files/floppy/ updated on floppy to ver 20220217  
700 346 d 19 h mateusz.viste / install system uses svp packages instead of zip  
642 352 d 18 h mateusz.viste / and install.lng are part of svn now (custfiles)  
315 665 d 3 h mateuszviste /files/ added files required for USB bootable images  
311 665 d 3 h mateuszviste /files/floppy/ removed references to A: from boot files so they are compatible with booting from an emulated C: (USB) drive  
305 713 d 8 h mateuszviste / populating boot disk with files from packages instead of keeping separate copies just for that  
279 722 d 2 h mateuszviste / build integrates pkg and pkgnet + CD ISO is an emulated 2.88M floppy (CD access no longer required during install time - everything fits on a single 2.88M floppy)  
202 741 d 1 h mateuszviste /files/floppy/ removed useless fluff from the boot install floppy  
199 741 d 2 h mateuszviste /files/floppy/ skip CD initialization for floppy-only installs  
192 741 d 8 h mateuszviste / install relies on install.lst for package-to-install list + boot floppy image is created from scratch now during build process  
170 813 d 3 h mv_fox /files/floppy/ use eltorito as a last resort only -- under virtualbox 6.0 it yields a seemingly empty drive  

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