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1476 305 d 12 h mateusz.viste /doc/ changed the procedure for adding a new version of a package so svn can use xdelta to store it more efficiently + reworded a few phrases  
1260 349 d 20 h mateusz.viste /doc/ updated documentation to reflect packages being stored in a separate svn project  
891 845 d 19 h bttr /doc/ corrected/clarified packagers.txt  
720 849 d 8 h mateusz.viste /doc/ updated packagers documentation to reflect the fact that package renaming is no longer necessary  
679 850 d 16 h mateusz.viste /doc/ adapted internal documentation to reflect that packages are having the *.svp extension now  
636 856 d 15 h mateusz.viste / added a cron script for periodic checkouts and written some stubs of internal documentation related to the build server