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891 342 d 4 h bttr /doc/ corrected/clarified packagers.txt  
884 342 d 8 h mateusz.viste /doc/ improved notes about svnsync mirroring  
873 342 d 20 h mateusz.viste /doc/ nicer formatting of the post-commit rebuild notice  
851 343 d 4 h mateusz.viste /doc/ updated build documentation  
844 343 d 6 h mateusz.viste /doc/ typo fix  
842 343 d 7 h mateusz.viste /doc/ a post commit hook receives no TXN, but a REV  
839 343 d 7 h mateusz.viste /doc/ fixed post-commit script  
837 343 d 7 h mateusz.viste /doc/ improved build-server documentation  
720 345 d 17 h mateusz.viste /doc/ updated packagers documentation to reflect the fact that package renaming is no longer necessary  
679 347 d 1 h mateusz.viste /doc/ adapted internal documentation to reflect that packages are having the *.svp extension now  
636 353 d 0 h mateusz.viste / added a cron script for periodic checkouts and written some stubs of internal documentation related to the build server