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1802 46 d 2 h mateusz.viste /buildidx/ url fix  
1801 46 d 2 h mateusz.viste /buildidx/ url field support  
1697 83 d 9 h mateusz.viste /buildidx/ populating a directory of categorized symlinks to latest svp of each package  
1608 152 d 16 h mateusz.viste /buildidx/ added support for "release XYZ" versions (special hack for E. C. Masloch)  
1607 152 d 16 h mateusz.viste /buildidx/ SVED included in the MS-DOS compat list instead of EDIT  
1524 242 d 5 h mateusz.viste /buildidx/ hw requirements are sorted  
1522 242 d 5 h mateusz.viste /buildidx/ validation of the hwreq section in LSM files + hwreq is stored as an array in the json cache file  
1511 244 d 3 h mateusz.viste /buildidx/ reset metadata between each package  
1510 244 d 3 h mateusz.viste /buildidx/ added hwreq to json index  
1509 244 d 4 h mateusz.viste /buildidx/ hwreq LSM tag + skip .svn dir  
1267 299 d 13 h mateusz.viste /buildidx/ adapted buildidx for the new location of core packages  
1037 780 d 6 h bttr /buildidx/ added CALLVER to msdos_compat_list  
1022 784 d 5 h mateusz.viste /buildidx/ reverted to r999 (FreeCOM should not be allowed to put at root, only the one default shell is allowed to do that)  
1011 784 d 17 h bttr /buildidx/ (yet to create) freecom package is allowed to have a COMMAND.COM at the root of the archive  
999 786 d 6 h mateusz.viste /buildidx/ svarcom package is allowed to have a COMMAND.COM at the root of the archive  
951 790 d 5 h mateusz.viste /buildidx/ added hardcoded hack to translate version x.xx to 0.44 (NESticle)  
946 791 d 5 h mateusz.viste /buildidx/ _buildidx.log is part of files tolerated in packages  
941 791 d 6 h mateusz.viste /buildidx/ basic validation of source archives  
936 792 d 3 h mateusz.viste /buildidx/ beta-reordering: "beta 0.95" becomes "0.95 beta"  
927 792 d 9 h mateusz.viste /buildidx/ support for pre/beta/etc versions with no space separators (example: 2.6.0pre9)  

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