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                            %h*** SVARDOS HELP ***

This help documentation is a work-in-progress thing. For the time being it
provides only very limited content. (wanna help building it? get in touch with
us on the SvarDOS %lcontact.ama:mailing list%t!)

=== Chapters =================================================================

 * %lnls.ama:Internationalization and NLS overview
 * %lpkg.ama:Packages management (install/remove/update software)
 * %lnetwork.ama:Networking
 * %lmouse.ama:Mouse support

 * %lfreedos.ama:SvarDOS vs FreeDOS: what is the story?
 * %ltodo.ama:The project's "TODO" list
 * %lcontact.ama:How do I get in touch with the SvarDOS community?

 * %lhistory.ama:SvarDOS origins
 * %lmeaning.ama:What does "Svarog" mean?
 * %l8086.ama:8086 compatibility list
 * %llicense.ama:SvarDOS license